Cottonwood Instructor Biography’s

Cottonwood Instructor Biography’s


Christina Krayer

Christina is a creator. While she has been playing the flute for over 30
years and is primarily a professional musician, she has been making art
in some form or another for longer. Needing to keep her hands busy even
when she is not practicing or performing, she has been working resin
magic for the last 5 years. With all the possibilities for resin art, she is
excited to offer her ideas to others! Her favorite resin add-ins are feisty
alcohol inks and her own dried flowers.

Adding more beauty to this world whether through sight or sound is her

Lyndsey Rieple

Lyndsey went full time with her jewelry business ( in August of 2021
after 6 years of working for other jewelry retailers while pursuing her business on the
side. She has taught new hires stone setting, polishing, casting, and laser welding. She
has also taught metalsmithing, leather working, and drawing/painting to youth, ages 7-
16, and adults at art centers, summer camps, and jewelry centers across the country.

Originally an illustrator/drawer/mural painter, Lyndsey switched to jewelry making in 2008.
Since then, she has been invited to jury the nation-wide call-for-entry Art Fair Jackson Hole,
exhibit as an emerging artist in Art in the Pearl, speak at the University of North Texas, and sell
regularly at The Backyard Market in Colorado, her home roots. She enjoys cruising around in her
custom camper trailer, The Brookelynz, which she built with her dad in 2021 and dancing
whenever she can.

Heather of Towed Studio

Heather of Towed Studio is a primarily self-taught Silversmith.  Though, lately she has taken to learning everything she can from other teachers and colleagues.  She is now apprenticing with a master goldsmith in Tucson, Arizona when she, her husband, and two rescue dogs are not traveling the country in their RV.  Heather teaches at Xerocraft, a maker space in Tucson, in her home studio, and while traveling.  She specializes in Sterling Silver, large stones, sand casting, hydraulic press jewelry, and tool making.  She loves to teach as much as she loves to learn… and coffee… and chocolate.  

Bonnie Nelson

Bonnie Nelson has been a jewelry artist for over 20 years and loves to work with silver and turquoise. She enjoys learning old techniques and then figures how to use it in a contemporary setting. She believes in building community and works at bringing people together to learn metalsmithing techniques.

Bonnie has a Masters degree in Business Education from Oklahoma State University and has worked in the education field for over 50 years. She loves teaching and currently teaches silversmithing at her st.dio, Cottonwood Silver and Lapidary Supplies in downtown Colorado Springs, CO.  She owns and operates Cottonwood Silver and Lapidary Supplies.