Simbercite weighs in at 74.5 cts.  Originates from Russia

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Simbercite (Simbircite) is named for the Russian city of Simbirsk (now Ulianovsk).  It is one of those gemstones that leaves one breathless and in awe. The first records of this mineral date back to 1765, but was named Simbercite in 1985. It is beautiful, rich in amber color, with shades of brown, white, red or green. It is an agatized material that fills in chambers of the Ammonite Lamberticeras.  The veins of pyrite were originally the bone of the ammonite. Formed over 160 million years ago, Simbircite with pyrite is both a gemstone and fossil. 

74.5 cts.

PLEASE NOTE:  Stone may appear differently due to resolution of your monitor.  Stone photos are taken in a variety of light conditions to enhance features that may not be visible otherwise.  All stones will appear different in person based on variations such as indoors or outdoors, sunlight, etc.

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Weight 14.9 g
Dimensions 2 × 1.75 × 1.25 in


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