Silversmithing Class Colorado Springs


Silversmithing & Lapidary Class – Colorado Springs

Instructor(s): Bonnie Nelson Classes are taught one-on-one.

Length of time: 35 hours, 1 day per week.

Description: Silversmithing and lapidary course includes 2 days of learning how to cut both hard and soft stones and three days of silversmithing.  Each student will make 3 pieces of jewelry – This can be a ring, pendant, bracelet, earrings, lockets, etc.  Students will design their own pieces and learn silver smithing techniques while making their own creations.  Included in the instruction will be melting silver and rolling bezel, making bails, soldering, texturing and embellishing, designing a personal hallmark, using a jewelers saw and pricing items for sale. Each piece the student makes is their own personal creation.

All tools and supplies, except silver, is included in the cost.  

Call the studio to discuss times and cost. 719-231-7049.

What creation are you imagining?