Lapidary Services & Repair

We primarily work on Sterling Silver pieces, but we do work in gold and other metals.  If you have that special piece that needs fixing, polishing or just looked at, bring it in and let’s take a look at it.
We can tell you if it is fixable, and amazingly, sometimes we can even fix the most challenging piece.
Need a slab of rock cut into an oval? Teardrop? Circle? or whatever?  Come, lets talk.  We have a full service lapidary shop that can cut your slabs, form them, and polish for your personal jewelry work.
Custom Services
Besides the above services, and classes, we have the knowledge and resources to help you design and make just about anything in the jewelry area.  

Lapidary Services & Repair – Cottonwood Silver and Lapidary Supplies stocks tools and supplies for silversmith and lapidary enthusiasts. We carry cabochons and rough in many different stones including turquoise from 20 different mines, varascite, dinosaur bone, malachite, and fossils. We also carry a large selection of faceted stones such as garnet, topaz, amethyst, citrine, tanzanite in many different sizes, colors and grades.


Our silversmiths make many one-of-a-kind bracelets, rings, and pendants as well as bulk wholesale items. Our in-house artists have 50+ years combined experience. Each artist has their own styles and techniques which provides a variety of designs. Classes are also offered in lapidary, silver smithing, repoussé, chasing and fold-forming. And, if we don’t have what you need, we have the necessary resources and contacts to supply your needs. 

So call or stop in today for lapidary services & repair work, or to view our many in-store products!

Bonnie Nelson (Fountain, CO) has been involved in jewelry making for 15 years, but recently wanted to expand her knowledge and creativity with silversmithing. She enjoys working with turquoise from different mines and learning new techniques in metalworking.  “I enjoy cutting stones from rough.. it’s always a surprise when it is finished..

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Lapidary Services & Repair